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Shorinji Kempo is a balanced system of self defence and martial arts training. Based on ancient Chinese fighting arts and spiritual practices, it teaches cooperation and self development as well as physical self-defence techniques.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Taikai report from Elaine (1st kyu, brown belt)

We asked Elaine who has joined us recently from Aukland, NZ, for her take on the recent taikai. Here's what she had to say:
Having never been to a Shorinji Kempo taikai event, it had such a good atmosphere. Everyone was really supportive and friendly. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect, the first hour involved some organising and discussion before we got started.
There was a good number of friends and family in the audience and it pretty much felt like a normal training session that was slightly souped-up. 
The taikai began with the opening embu performance, the room went silent and everyone watched and enjoyed the performances. It started with the pair form embus, where the peers looked pretty nervous but once they got into their routine, it was fine.
Then the single form began and you could tell these stand alone competitors were even more nervous because they knew the crowds were focused solely on them. The dan-tai embu had some well put together sequences and the shakujo embus just looked really impressive. Randori definitely seemed to be the main event and was very entertaining to watch.
All in all it was a very good and fun day because everyone was in it together and supporting each other.
- Elaine