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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Verbs in technique names

Quite often I hear people talking about making the 'dori shape', or the 'maki line' when describing a technique.

It can be a helpful aide memoir for referring to the correct shape (kijunsen) of the juho technique, but in my opinion can be misleading when we start to assume that's what the words actually mean, especially when they appear in the name of a technique that doesn't involve the same shape as previously encountered (compare johaku dori and okuri dori for example).

So, here are some common action words (verbs) that crop up in juho and their rough meaning in English. I'm sure someone more fluent in Japanese will correct me if anything is innacurate, but hopefully it will help make some of the technique names make a bit more sense.

nuki - release
okuri - send
oshi (osae) - push
hiki - pull
kiri (giri) - cut
kaeshi (gaeshi) - return
otoshi - down
maki - wrap
dori - catch / take
nage - throw
uchi - strike
zeme - attack