Martial arts classes in Barbican and Hoxton

Learn Shorinji Kempo, a modern Japanese martial art with our classes near City University.

Shorinji Kempo is a balanced system of self defence and martial arts training. Based on ancient Chinese fighting arts and spiritual practices, it teaches cooperation and self development as well as physical self-defence techniques.

So if you want to learn practical self-defence in fun and safe environment, come and join us at any of our regular sessions. Beginners are always welcome.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Training finished for Christmas

Training is now finished for the year, and will resume after festive break. The first class back in the new year will be Monday 6th January.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Closing Ceremony and Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

Last Thursday marked our annual closing ceremony and Christmas social, a time when we come together as a club, reflect on the previous year, and look towards the next.

In the spirit of living half for the happiness of ourselves and half for others, we decided this year that we would combine the closing ceremony with a fundraising event for the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. Dubbed "the night of a thousand strikes", we took a different spin on the usual "kickathon" and attempted 1000 strikes each over the course of the class - a combined total of over 18,000 individual punches, kicks, hooks, jabs, and flicks!

Through the valiant efforts of the club and our guests from SOAS and Hong Kong, we raised over £700 for the British Red Cross, which will go directly to the Philippines appeal. The JustGiving page is still open if you'd like to donate.